Self Serve Yogurt

Unlike most yogurt shops we don’t sell our yogurt by the ounce but by the cup size.

You will pick a cup with a set price and fill it up with as much yogurt and as many toppings as you can fit in the cup. Our yogurt uses real dairy, fresh milk, real fruit purees and high counts of beneficial live yogurt cultures including probiotic.

Gelato and Sorbetto

Gelato, from the Italian word meaning “frozen”, is the Italian style of ice cream. Gelato originated in Northern Italy with three simple ingredients: milk, sweetener and flavor. This Italian delicacy is still enjoyed today for its creamy texture and rich flavor. Gelato is very dense and decadent, distinguishing it from ice cream and other frozen desserts. Keeping true to tradition, we’ve selected the finest quality ingredients to offer you rich, authentic gelato.

Sorbetto, also known as sorbet, is a sweet, water-based frozen dessert flavored with fruit. Southern Italy, where fresh fruits are bountiful, has crafted their own high-quality version of sorbet which has a smooth, fine texture. Inspired by the style of sorbet in Southern Italy, we offer genuine sorbetto with a delicate texture and the rich flavors of fresh fruit.


Smoothies are made with natural flavors and fresh fruits and have many benefits.

  • Healthy dessert option
  • Contains beneficial probiotics: live and active cultures.
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • No trans-fats, dairy-free and vegan friendly.
  • Contains over 8 essential vitamins and minerals.


Milkshakes made with your choice of yogurt, gelato or sorbetto

Energy Booster

Energy Booster is a customized enhancer for smoothies and shakes that helps increase energy, brain function and mental alertness. The Energy Booster contains natural caffeine and dry extract of Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin®), a plant native to Southern Africa that has been used for hundreds of years as a natural mood enhancer.

Vegetarian Protein Booster

Vegetarian Protein Booster consists of 100% Whey Protein Concentrate, made with the purest form of whey protein. Our whey protein is crafted to produce the finest nutrition for promoting muscle growth and maintenance.

Italian Ice

Italian ice is a great thirst quenching option on a summer day.